Information for Young People

Information for Young People


How will counselling help me?


Counselling can offer you a safe space to explore and express your feelings. It may provide you with the time and private space to focus on the issues you are facing in your life.


It is about giving you somewhere to express and

explore how what is going on for you, without judging you.


Counselling is about giving you the chance to find

healthy ways to express yourself and cope with

what is going on and be able to achieve the things you want in life.


I'm a young person and I want to refer myself for counselling...


If you are over 18 then you may self-refer, if you are under 16 depending on your circumstances we may have to seek parental consent or consent form

whoever is your legal guardian.

If you live alone and are responsible for yourself

then you may self-refer.



If you are under 16 I would recommend…that you speak with your family or guardians about wanting to explore counselling and if they are agreeable, I am happy to meet with you and them.

You might also check with your school to see if they offer counselling.


You may also find some help in our links page.



Youth Counselling


A counselling service based in

West London for children and

young people under 25.