How Does It Work?

How Does it Work?


Once you have contacted us. I will first discuss with you your concerns and what you hope to gain from therapy. I will then email you a parent and/or a

young person’s concern form if you wish to take

things further.


If I think I can help, I will arrange to meet with you to discuss the difficulties your child is having and what we can offer (if this is a school referral I may meet with the SENCO Special Educational Needs Coordinator or appropriate referrer). It will also be an opportunity for you to decide whether you would like me to work with the child/ young person and if you think my approach works for your child.

You would then sign a contract and consent form. I will at that point arrange to meet with the child for their first session.

If you and your child are happy to proceed, I would suggest working initially for an academic term then reviewing the work. Sessions would be on a weekly basis, lasting 50-minutes.


I hold review meetings with parents usually every 8-12 weeks.


I offer sessions on Wednesday and Thursdays at the Grove Neighbourhood Centre. Other times and locations can very occasionally be arranged.


An important part of the work is ending therapy and I believe firmly that for children and young people managing the ending must not mirror some of the trauma or emotional disturbance that they may have experienced.




Youth Counselling


A counselling service based in

West London for children and

young people under 25.