How Can Counselling Help Children and Young People?

How Can Counselling Help My Child or Teenager?



Sometimes a child or young person needs someone to listen to them. Other times it can be hard for them to explain to others how they feel, even though family, friends and school may feel that they may be struggling.


Counselling a child or young person who may be having difficulties, is about giving them a safe space to express and explore how and what they are feeling.


We believe by offering the space and support on a regular basis may help young people to come to terms with what they may be struggling with, find healthy

ways of coping and expressing themselves and communicating how they feel to others.


We believe that it is important to meet each child

where they are, without judgment, but by listening and witnessing what they are sharing and helping them to understand themselves and their situation.


We hope that by enabling a child or young person towards greater self-acceptance it can enable them to become more well-adjusted and successful in their

lives at home, school and in the future.


Counselling is a tool that should empower those who use it; we believe it is not about creating a dependency. We believe in working with and building a child or young person’s resilience using their own inbuilt capacity to thrive.



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