Services for Schools

School-Based Counselling


I have considerable experience counselling children and teenagers in schools.


I offer schools a counselling service with fully trained counsellors.


I believe in supporting a child's resilience and strengths so that they can thrive in their environent.


I also understand that each school is unique with its own needs, aspirations and offer bespoke packages to meet your school's specific requirements.



I offer:


One to one counselling sessions with indviudal students, which include reviews with parents and consultations with key staff members.


Group counselling


Drop in/ Self referral service


Workshops (e.g. Transitions, Friendships, Bullying etc)


Staff consultations to promote pupil and teacher wellbeing and supporting schools to form and implement strategic changes to achieve this.




Please contact us to find out more.




Youth Counselling


A counselling service based in

West London for children and

young people under 25.